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Source: Doug Reid

When have you said enough?

This is my first novel (that I'm even close to finishing). There have been other starts, good ideas that were abandoned because I never really believed I could make a living as a novelist. I have to say, though, when writing is going well it is the purest form of joy. The act of creation, the expression of ideas that seem to come out of nowhere and make the hair stand up at the back of my neck, gives a purpose to getting up every day. The only time I think about the next step - getting published - is when it comes time to pay bills and there is never quite enough money.

I do look forward to the time when I have readers, when I know that my efforts have not been in vain and have have contributed to someone's life as other writers have contributed to mine. Someone wrote "A thousand suffer, when one writer is silenced, for want of that particular vision." Writers can bring culture and sanity to a troubled society.

It is a Long and Winding Road, now that I am editing and polishing, trying to figure out how to turn 25,000 words into the magic 50,000, that some say is the suitable length for a novel, without putting in filler. It is hard to silence that inner critic that has silenced more writers than the people that write book reviews for the major newspapers.

Today writing went well. That's all I can hope for. To all those out there in the same struggle - I hope today went well.