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It continually amazes me how often I think negative thoughts about others based on superficial judgements.  I suppose that means I am at some lower level of enlightenment because I am at least aware of this and actively seek to replace these negative thoughts with ones of compassion.

In this endeavor, I have found the Hawaiian system of Honoponopono to be helpful.  The word itself refers to restoring balance – in oneself, in one’s family, in the local community, in the world.

The basis of this (and this is a simplification, I’m aware) is a prayer one performs silently whenever we become aware of our negative emotions and judgements.  It goes like this: 

1.  I’m sorry (for anything I have done, or my ancestor have done to create this negative circumstance or reaction.)

2.  Please forgive me.  (forgiveness is the basis of releasing the negative emotion)

3.  Thank you (gratitude is part of the healing)

4.  I love you (sending love to the world helps healing take place)

When you practice this you will find that a lightness replaces any surliness, that the heart begins to open, the ideal expressed by the Dalai Lama of expressing compassion to all becomes easier to achieve.

Aloha ( Hawaiian word for affectionpeacecompassion and mercy).