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The Buddha Technology

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Why I Wrote The Buddha Technology

Any way you look at it, The Buddha Technology is an unusual novel.  In the book marketplace it struggles against a landscape of outlandish or dystopian fantasy, vampires and zombies, and sexual obsession. It is harder to seek out the thoughtful readers who are looking for inspiration and meaning.  It has been difficult and I am still working toward some kind of breakthrough in selling copies of the eBook.

The first obstacle was trying to select a genre.  The book fits into many.  It is clearly fiction, but the title may suggest otherwise.  One reader suggested it is an excellent book for the Young Adult category, because it is a coming of age story and would be inspirational to young readers.  I’ve resisted doing that, because I think that would be limiting the audience to much – I was writing it for adults of all ages.

It also fits into the Spiritual and Inspirational category (or categories?) but many of those are books are didactic – they are meant to teach (or preach) a certain spiritual world view and The Buddha Technology has refused to offer pat solutions or easy answers.

It may seem to some that the book has a happy ending but, for the main character, the ending is really the beginning of a new phase in his life.  I think that is really the way it is with our lives.  We seek a magical transformation that will fix everything, when actually we could be happier just accepting “what is” and being more positive about that.  

The main focus of the book is the experience of “awakening”.    This is an intense experience where powerful insights touch our awareness at a deep level and result in a profound reframing, not just of certain issues, but our relationship toward the experience of living and the suffering that usually entails. 

Researchers in the field of human consciousness are currently trying to discovers means to induce or support this experience, as it can be a life changing event with profound implications for psychological health (hence the title The Buddha Technology).  Seekers have also been trying to find a guru or some techniques (or drugs) that will shortcut their path to it.  After all, who wants to spend 20 years in an ashram. 

But there are some who have experienced it spontaneously, and that is the reason that I wanted to write this book.  We tend to put awakening on a pedestal as if it belongs only to mystics and saints, only to devotees who renounce the world and spend years in practices that were once shared only within ashram walls.  But yet many of us have had profound experiences that are no less valuable than that for our circumstances. 

I wanted to share my awareness of those very wonderful experiences in the hope that the readers will be more open to the little awakenings (and possibly the not so little ones) that give new meaning to our lives.  I hope you will consider reading it and that you will find the experience rewarding.